Hi, I’m Brandon Ballweg.


That’s me standing in front of Kansas City and all its majesty trying to look cool.


I’m a dorky, creative type who’s also into sports–a walking contradiction. I’ve always loved going on adventures, and just recently got back from a three year long stay in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 


I’m by no means a good language learner-I always thought it would be cool to speak a second language but usually lagged behind in my Spanish classes growing up. But I was determined to learn Portuguese when I went to Brazil and put everything I had into it. I’m pretty fluent now, or at least I’d like to think!


When I set my sights on something, I really go for it, and that’s the type of dedication and mentality I bring to my photography. 


I believe that photography is an extremely powerful medium to document the most important events of our lives. I recognize the importance of a wedding day and the responsibility I have as a photographer to document them.


I’m a fan of KU basketball, Royals baseball, reading books, progressive politics (huge Bernie Sanders fan), good music, playing the drums and piano, stand up comedy, and of course photography. I enjoy the challenge of photographing weddings, portraits and street photography.


I love learning about and experiencing different cultures. I grew up in the country but love big cities too. 


If we’ve got some things in common, I might be a good fit to document your wedding.


Traveling is my jam, so bring me somewhere cool.